his is the most popular site on the Internet for "Christian Advice" according to Google. As such, thousands of lost souls turn to Mrs. Bowers for her tart, sage advice every day. And while Mrs. Bowers is vaguely cognizant of the fact that her guidance is probably the only thing standing between her readers and the sulfurous pits of an everlasting Hell, hair appointments at Jonathan Sahag Workshop in Manhattan, couture fittings in Milan, and fabulous luncheons at the type of de rigueur restaurants (at which even Christ Himself would have trouble getting Mrs. Bowers' prime table) keep her from answering all of her mail (unless, of course, it contains a tithing check that exceeds the monthly payment on one of her Bentley leases).

We hope that you enjoy the correspondence between lost, previously hell-bound sinners and a woman with the wrath of God, the wardrobe of Herod and the social instincts of Bathsheba.

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