Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals will give your church or pro-family organization the Ex-Gay you need to: (a) prove that being a homo is just a silly "choice" so it's OK with God to hate them; and (b) Raise dollars for new landscaping or the Gulfstream jet you've always known Jesus wants you to have!

has only two goals


To turn people God has told us He hates anyway into profitable, attention-getting PUBLICITY MACHINES who will finally contribute to society and the economy by increasing Family Values fundraising and church tithings!; and


To provide artistic husbands to women who become flummoxed when arranging flowers, picking complementary fabrics for lining drapes, need help when it comes to choosing furniture or throw pillows, or have historically ruined otherwise suitable outfits by slipping on the wrong pair of shoes.

How Do You BASH These Ex-Gays?

Call Mrs. Bowers about licensing the use of some of these Ex-Gays for your next revival or fundraiser. You can participate in BASH's new

Prophet Sharing Incentive Program

with licensing agreements as high as THIRTY PERCENT!*

*Void in connection with other B.A.S.H. promotions and available only to those Client Ministries that sign four-year contracts to license no less than ten (10) former-gays. No return, pro-rata or other-wise, of fees for former-gays who lapse or otherwise embarrass Client Ministry. Client Ministry assumes full responsibility should supplied ex-gay revert back to dressing as the opposite gender or performing ungodly sex acts on their own gender during the life of the license agreement. B.A.S.H. reserves the right to void license to Client Ministry should it receive a better written offer at any time. B.A.S.H. reserves all rights to market licensed former-gays to all media, including, but not limited to, the Jerry Springer Show even though Mrs. Bowers does not approve of such shows, but business is business. Praise the Lord!
You can purchase fabulous "Be A Man, Girl!" shirts, cards & mugs (to keep you strong when you feel a lapse coming on) by clicking here

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