l> Mrs. Betty Bowers' Terrorist Watch: How to Spot A Typical Middle Eastern Male Terrorist
From: Robert S. Mueller, III, FBI Director
To: Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian
Cc: Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women for America; Gladys Kravitz, Concerned Busybodies Against Fun; Sean Hannity, Conscience-free Hucksters for Paranoia

The FBI shares your outraged concern about religious fanatics who aren't Christian. Because the Bureau specializes in generating after-the-fact paperwork, we finally have the answer to the question you posed in 2002: "What would one of those filthy, annoying Arab terrorists most likely look like, dear?" After viewing over 1,804 hours of surveillance camera tapes from a convenience store in Boston and a "Chador & More!" franchise in Amman, a Bureau sketch artist has generated the following composite of what a typical male from the Middle East looks like. Please keep it in your expensive handbag, next to your firearm, and be ready to shoot with furious righteousness if you run across on of these suspicious looking sorts.

Vogue Saudi Arabia: What is the natty terrorist wearing this season?

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