My father and I don't see eye-to-eye on this because I can't stand the thought of Bush. My dad, on the other hand, just can't seem to get enough of Bush, which drives my mother crazy.
Oh, girl, please! Don't make me hold my nose! There is something fishy about Bush! I mean, every time I even think of Bush, it's like "pass the air sickness bag, Miss Thing!"
I got involved in the gay community in 1992. Back then, we were avoiding any contact with old Bush. Now, all of a sudden, people want to shove our noses in a new Bush. Believe me, I'm no more impressed with young Bush now than I was with the gray-haired Bush I first saw when I was in my teens. I don't care which Bush you are talking about, they all stink.
I had hoped I could learn to like Bush -- really I did -- but several weeks ago I realized it just was never going to happen. I mean, once you peel away the layers, you realize how unpleasant Bush is at close range. I finally told my Republican parents "Bush just isn't for me." They are probably still crying!
Conservative religious leaders and we in the ex-gay movement have been trying to sell Bush to gays for some time now. Though no member of my ex-gay group has ever physically encountered Bush, we are really hoping to introduce our members to Bush in the next four years.
I’ve been told the Bush we will now see will be younger and will be open wide to accommodate more people – of all shapes and sizes -- than the Bush we remember from our youth. They say this Bush appeals to everyone, inviting anyone to come into the fold. That should make it easier even for those of us who used to be so repulsed by even the thought of a Bush. That doesn’t mean I have been taken in yet.
The conservative press tries very hard to perfume Bush to make Bush palatable to gays, but it just doesn’t work. A Bush is a Bush is a Bush. I don’t care if we are talking about young or old, open or closed, dry or all wet. It is still Bush! And gay guys would be crazy get into bed with a Bush.
Sure, I'm worried about heart attacks, but give me Dick over Bush any day of the week. It seems that Bush just kind of sits there, making Dick do all the work. That’s what I like about Dick; Dick is a real go-getter. And Dick is firm without being abrasive most of the time. Whenever Dick sees an opening, Dick comes to attention immediately and goes for it! And Dick's in and out of there in no time. Granted, as Dick gets older, Dick is able to fill fewer voids in a given amount of time – and it takes longer for the blood to rush to Dick's head. But unlike Bush, Dick doesn't tend to fall apart in a room full of people when all of them want a piece of you.
I think of Bush as a big, hairy mess with an empty cavity. Colin, however, while darkly taboo to some Americans, is where all the action is. Plus, Colin can always count on Dick to back things up in a tight squeeze.
I haven't been able to get enough of Colin since I first saw Colin over 10 years ago when I was at an all-male prep school. I know some say Bush is the more known and acceptable commodity. They say Colin is an aberration. However, the fact that Colin is different than what society has come to know traditionally in the same role doesn't mean Colin isn't just as effective -- in my opinion, Colin is where I would go first. Bush has a rep for being unreliable. There are times when you just can't – or shouldn't -- approach Bush. There are times when Bush won't let you anywhere near. Colin is far more willing to engage anyone and is almost always available. Bush becomes less malleable over time. Colin, on the other hand, has handled some really crappy jobs and always comes out smelling like a rose.

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