A serpent is the first indication to Harry that he has access to special powers that will cause his angry foster father to become jealous and kick him out of his house A serpent is the first indication to Eve that she has access to special knowledge that will cause her angry Father to become jealous and kick her out of his garden
Harry Potter had his friends eat Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, which taste like grass and Brussels sprouts -- but they are not! God had people in the Old Testament eat things that taste like human dung and human urine -- because they are! (2 Kings18:27)
Harry uses a piece of wood to fly on

Jesus uses a piece of wood to die on

Harry's pet sidekick is a white owl called "Hedwig" (named after a transgender German cabaret singer) Jesus' pet sidekick is a white dove called "Holy Spirit"
The wise owl follows each child, delivering letters, allowing people to communicate with each other The not-so-smart dove hovers over people, getting them to flop about on the cheap carpeting of Pentecostal churches and spout unintelligible "tongues," making it impossible for them to communicate with each
Hermione entertains friends by raising a feather from the desk Jesus entertains friends by raising a rotting corpse from the dust
Hogwarts magic potions use glamorous ingredients like root of asphodel and unicorn blood The Lord uses very pedestrian ingredients for His magic potions. For example, the potion to make a woman's abdomen swell and her thighs waste away to find out is she has been unfaithful (Numbers 5:27) is made of nothing more exciting than water and dirt from the floor (Numbers 5:17)
In Harry Potter, only the villains try to kill people In the Bible, the hero (God), using floods, pestilence and 12 tribes of bloodthirsty Israelites, is the one who holds the Guinness Book of Records title for "Most Killed in an Afternoon"
Hogwarts students eat jellybeans that taste like ear wax and snot Christians go one step further, eating bread that tastes like human flesh and wine that tastes like human blood
Harry is conceived by married parents and his father died to protect him from being killed Jesus is conceived by unmarried parents and his father only had him so that he would be killed

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