Many people have been asking me, "Betty, what WOULD Jenna drink?" That is tantamount to asking "Who would Courtney Love sleep with?" Some questions are not suited for a finite world. I did, however, corner (well, actually, "floored" is more accurate, as that is where I found her) Jenna while at Camp David and she told about her favorite drink.
An "Alamo Basement"

2 parts peach schnapps

1 part Ballerina vodka (or any vodka that comes in a 1/2 gallon plastic easy-pour safety bottle)

A crushed Vicodin*, and a splash of soda.

It's served through a funnel and accompanied by chanting.

* If the person ordering is such an anal stickler for historical accuracy that they say, "There is no basement in the Alamo!," Substitute two Vicodin.

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