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Betty Releases GOP Super PAC Ads Are you doing your part to pretend to care about the Constitution?
Cooking with Christ! Pagan Holiday Alert
Anatomy of a Poltical Brat THEATER REVIEW: Healthscare!
Betty Accepts an Award Betty Explains Tradtional Marriage
McCain Attack Ad Blooper Reel Gas: America's Crack!
Betty Interviews Sarah Palin McCAIN / SPEARS 2008
VIDEO: Betty explains Prayer WIN LOSE OR DRAW BLOOD!
BETTY'S MUSIC VIDEO! Christmas 2007 Greetings
All's Well That Ends Falwell On Anna Nicole Smith and Is Rehab Replacing Jesus?
War on Christmas Front Lines Report Ted Haggard's Delicious Disgrace
A Scary Election! Welcome to Jesusland!
Snakes on Planes: John Mark Karr Betty's Hollywood Report: Mel Gibson
Democrazy on the March! Words of Christian concern for Ann Coulter
Veni Vedi "Da Vinci Code" Movie Beware of Strangers Baring Smiles!
Katrina, the Terrorist Who Snuck Past the Metal Detectors Rex Ray the Ex-Gay!
Geeks Who Leak: Karl & Scooter It's Cookies & Porn Time Again Back at Neverland Ranch!
Cruise In For A Bruisin' "Judge Not!"
Saint Pope John Paul George Ringo II The Terri Schiavo Show
Betty's Christmas 2004 Greetings Beatitudes are now the Bettytudes!
How to tell if you are in a Red or Blue State Campaign 2004 F.O.O.L. Awards
Presidential Debate in Miami Iraq the Vote!
Today's Terror Alert Color is Terror Cotta! Betty Explains Republican Paradoxes
Pat Robertson and his Prayer Death Squad Betty Breaks the Da Vinci Code
Mourning in America Protecting the Sanctimony of Marriage

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